Monday, December 29, 2014

Two Girls' Weekend

I am so behind on some of the things I want to share on the blog. Like the two different weekends I got to spend with my best friends way back in November.

Back during the weekend we did the Viva La Diva 10k, Jana and I spent that evening doing one of my favorite local, holiday activities, walking the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens. I never really feel like it is the holiday season until we do this. They always add in a few new displays that keep me entertained, and I have fun catching my old favorites (nothing says Christmas like lit up dinosaurs). Unfortunately, Jana had a bad blister from the race, so I felt I was punishing her with the walk sometimes, but I think she had fun regardless! After the light show, we went and saw Big Hero 6 (for me the second time, definitely my favorite movie of 2014). 

The very next weekend Anna came to visit me. She is a big Broadway lover like I am, and a few months back we had booked tickets to go see The Book of Mormon in Nashville! Before we even checked into our hotel room, we hit the mall and did a little shopping. She is definitely the friend I love to shop with the most. After hours of shopping, we had dinner at the rainforest cafe (I loved the ceiling). We then headed downtown to check into our fancy, schmancy hotel in downtown Nashville. There is nothing I love more than a fancy hotel. The best part of it all, is it was only two blocks from the show, so we were able to walk there.

The show was amazing. I have never ever laughed so much at a play in my life! I would so see it again, if I had the ability.

 We ran into a college friend of Anna's at the play, who was there with his boyfriend. We ended up going back to the hotel and having drinks at the bar with them. Well, I was still sober, so they had some drinks. We then went back to the room, and we took a million silly selfies. Cause why not?

I enjoyed the short road trip back to Alabama with her, as we listened to the Book of Mormon soundtrack and had some girl talk. 

I was so happy to get so much friend time last month.

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