Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015

Just a few minutes ago, I realized that I have spent every New Year's Eve with Adam since 2007. That is 8  whole years, which blows my mind, because it doesn't feel like it could have possibly been that long. I'm pretty sure, although I wouldn't bet my life on it,  that we have never actually gone out for New Years, which is just fine with me. I really have grown to love our quiet night in on New Year's tradition.

When I got home from work, Adam ran to the store to pick up a few things, and I cooked us a homemade spaghetti dinner, which is definitely our favorite meal. I have been cooking it for him since the first weekend we ever spent together. This is only the second time I've eaten pasta since surgery, and I have learned it fills me up quicker than other foods. I could only have three bites, but Adam didn't seem to mind, he was just happy to be able to share a home cooked meal with me, something that rarely happens anymore. 

After dinner, we caught up on a little DVR (The Flash). Then, I was really sleepy as it was nearing my bedtime. So I decided to take a pre-New Year's nap because why not? Nap now, stay up later after midnight, and sleep in the next morning.  I like that plan.

Earlier in the day, I  had swung by a local fireworks store because Adam said we should shoot off fireworks in our drive-way. We have always been renters or living in a city our whole marriage where we couldn't do fireworks until now, so this was truly exciting for us! 

Adam woke me up about 11:30 to shoot off the fireworks. We stood in our drive-way in the cold, in our pajamas, playing with sparkly things. I loved every minute of it. We only had a few kinds, sparklers, spinning pandas (a childhood fave), and a shooting fountain type deal. That fountain was LOUD, I felt bad for our neighbors.  The spinning pandas are still my favorite after all these years. So stinkin' cute.

Soon, it was time for the countdown. We could not find an actual repeat this year on the TV of the ball-drop for central time. How lame is that? So we were frantically trying to catch it on a cable channel, when we came across a station and saw the  Village People performing in Mobile for the annual Moon Pie Drop. I had never even heard of the Moon Pie Drop? Apparently, it is a Mobile, Alabama, tradition? So yes, we rang in the New Year's, watching a Moon Pie drop. Only in Alabama.  I think attending the Moon Pie Drop should be on my to do in Alabama bucket list!

We kissed at midnight, and we toasted each other with a glass of wine.   

They say how you spend New Year's sets the tone for the entire year. If my 2015 involves quiet nights' in, sharing meals with my husband, and shooting off fireworks in my pajamas, I'm pretty sure I can live with that.

So cheers to being old, married, and boring. Welcome 2015. Be good to us.

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