Monday, January 12, 2015

The RosenBaum House

This weekend my mother and I took a little day trip to Florence, Alabama, to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright (a.k.a The Rosenbaum house) they have there. It is one of the few of Wright's houses existing in the South, and the only one in Alabama. This has been on my to do in Alabama list for quite some time. And when I was driving home from my doctor's appointments on Thursday, I was taking a route I don't take often, and I saw a billboard advertising it. And I thought I'm going to do that this weekend! See people advertising works!

So on Saturday we made the 45 minute drive to the house. I wasn't particularly impressed by how it looked on the outside. It did look unusual, but it didn't stick out as anything awe inspiring to me. But I appreciated it more when I read that Wright designed his houses to blend into the environment around them. The house completely blended into the envirnoment around it, so I started to understand it a little bit more. 
The inside of the house was all wood, built in furniture, recessed lighting, vintage furnishings, and narrow hallways/doors. Wright liked narrow halls because he is said to have liked the feeling of compressing you and then opening you up into the living spaces. The ceilings were short, as Wright felt that anyone over 5'8 was a "waste of space." I felt a little like a gnome walking around that house, and I'm 5'7.

The living room had several doors, and one wall was basically just one big window. I tried to imagine what it would have been like to stand in the house, and look out at the boats going up and down the Tennessee River. You can no longer see the Tennessee though, due to the development of the city.

While I would never want to live in a Wright house, it was defintely interesting to tour such a unique place! And to know a little bit about such an interesting and artistic man.

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