Friday, January 2, 2015

December in Review

Movies I've Watched:

Dumb and Dumber To
OK, this is so not a movie I would ever chose to go see on my own. When the girls were in town for the holidays they wanted to go to the drive-in, and this was what was showing. The movie was decent, for what it was, a stupid comedy. Way too many potty humor jokes for my taste though. But it did have some moments that really made laugh.

This is Where I Leave You
I purchased this movie on demand on a whim. The book version has been on my to read list forever. For the most part, I enjoyed this book. Yet again, there was a potty humor joke that I hated (they actually showed the poop!). Am I repressed? Are people really into this kind of humor? I don't know. But I enjoyed some of the story lines in the movie, and I really loved Tina Fey's character. There were some great emotional moments as well. So overall, I wouldn't watch it again, but it wasn't a bad way to kill 2 hours.  

Into the Woods
I love Disney. I love Musicals. I love Fairy tales being turned on their heads. So I loved this movie so much. It is pretty singing intensive even by a musical standards (think Les Miserables and less Mamma Mia). But I was enthralled by it, and it was pretty humorous at parts! The only downfall of the movie was that it was over 2 hours long, and I drank a liter of water during the first half, and I thought I was going to burst that last half. But I refused to leave the show, it was that good. 

Books I've Read:

The Andy Cohen Diaries by Andy Cohen
I was kind of excited by this read because I have a weird love for Andy Cohen, King of all things Real Housewives. So I was excited to read his year long diary. For the most part, I enjoyed the book. It was a light read with tons of name dropping (which he owns up to). But I was hoping for a little more dish on celebrities!  Now I really want to read the Andy Warhol diaries, which I had never even heard of before this book.

Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War by Nathaniel Philbrick
I recently signed up for because I love audiobooks and this was my first selection. I really love history, especially American history, so I was looking forward to this read. The first part of the book where they were preparing for the journey, sailing to America, and the early days in America I really loved. But once I got about half way into the book, I started to get bored with it. I probably wouldn't have finished it if it wasn't in audiobook form. I started to get all the Native American tribes confused, which made it hard to follow (it would have probably been easier in print form). And I wish it wasn't all about Native American relations, I wanted to learn a little more about their daily life. So after a while, it just felt like a book I had to read for class just to get through. But I don't regret reading it, I know a little bit more about the Mayflower than I knew before. So knowledge is power I guess?

Fun Things I Did:

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