Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Planning Stages of Documenting Our Disney Trip

I'm planning to do a whole separate album to document our trip to Disney, and I have big plans for it. I wanted to share a bit about how I've been planning to complete the album. I love reading this kind of post on other memory keeper's blogs. I don't know if it will be of interest to anyone but me though. But I mainly blog for myself, so I'm just going to go for it. It will be something to refer back to when I'm ready to begin.

I am planning on doing a hybrid album, which means using digital products, but putting them into an album like a traditional scrapbook (meaning by hand). I enjoy physically putting the items in the album, rather than ordering it like a book.  And I also enjoy doing some physical embellishments. The biggest reason I am doing digital is I don't like my handwriting, so I can use pretty fonts instead. 

I'm going to start each day of the scrapbook with a blown up 12 by 12 picture of our whole group. And then when applicable, for days we are in the parks, I'm going to put a copy of the touring plans I've made for us from (a planning site I love). I don't know what I will put behind the pages when we don't go to the parks. Maybe just a typed itinerary of everything we did that day?  By the way , I got the idea of blowing up the picture for a 12 by 12 title page each day from this blogger.

I have found so many resources for the pocket scrapbooking journal cards/embellishments/fonts both free or inexpensive.

1. These free, numerous, pocket scrapping, journal Disney cards found on this photo shop account! I took some time to go through and save all the ones I could possibly use. I then sorted them into easy to find folders for later. 
2. Project Mouse! Project Mouse! Project Mouse! These are scrapbooking kits made especially for Disney, and they are sooo adorable. 
3. So many resources on etsy for Disney inspired digital products such as these, these, and these
4. I also want to use some physical products like washi tape, flair buttons, and die cuts.

I plan to use tiny templates to combine multiple photos and journaling within one photo. And the last thing I have planned so far is to use envelope scrap-booking pages to hold my memorabilia that won't fit right into pockets.

Now to share the two pages I have already done. I placed them in the album Adam got me for Christmas. I decided to make a page about the decision of why we are going to Disney (The half marathon). You should be able to click the images to enlarge them a bit.

For this page, I mainly used the Princess themed cards from Becky Higgins Official Project Life products. I really liked using the once upon a time prompt to share a small bit of Jana and I's running journey (I wrote about it as you would tell a fairytale story). I also included our picture from out first ever completed race (Can't wait for our next after race shot for comparison)! I snagged the Princess Half Marathon Medal Pictures and Logo from doing a google search. Lastly, I took a screen shot of my confirmation e-mail I received after signing up for the race!

Before I even share anything about my planning page that I made for the album (which is my favorite by the way), I will point out that I am aware I spelled "recieve" wrong, I know it is receive. And as soon as I popped the card in the album, I became acutely aware of this mistake! But photoshop does not have spell check, and spelling was never my strongest subject. But since I'm am embracing imperfection this year, I am just leaving it for now. Unless it really starts to bug me, and I have to reprint it, but I'd rather not pay for the print 2x, even if it crazy cheap.

I wanted to document the planning process because I really believe what the quote says on this scrapbook page, "A huge part of the fun is anticipating the trip!"  And Jana and I should know because we text about the trip and what we want to do nearly everyday!

For this page, I used the super cute Project Mouse Planning Kit.  I included a list of our dining reservations, to-do list, and our general schedule. I also liked the "step 1 booked" card, as it allowed me to document when we actually booked our trip! Can't believe that was back in August!

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