Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Weekend Report

It was a very rainy weekend here in Northeastern Alabama, we were supposed to get really severe weather, but it never really happened. Saturday was a relaxed day. I had a few hours to myself while Adam slept in, and I did some chores around the house. I had to wake Adam up at 11 to make his grocery list, so I could go to the store, because I was hungry, and we had no food in the house. He was not happy about being woken up, and this made him kind him cranky, which made me cranky, and to be honest, we ended up a little snippy at each other for a bit. I hate starting the day like that. So when I got back from the store, we just agreed to start over, and LET IT GO. It was all silly and non-important anyway. Isn't that usually how it is? I love that we are so good at hitting the reset the button.

We watched the two play-off games, and Adam took down the Christmas decorations. There is some relief in knowing the holidays are over, and the routine has been restored. But I can't help being a little sad too! Christmas season is one of the best seasons, isn't it?

In the evening, I participated in three of my favorite at-home activities:  napping, taking long baths while reading, and scrap booking. I actually managed to finish up my 2014 scrapbook! Now bring on 2015.

Sunday, I was itching to get out of the house a bit. I started the day by going to church. We then drove over to Huntsville to see the movie, Wild. I had read the book last year, and I really loved it. I had to wait an entire year for the movie to come out. It did not disappoint. It was a wonderful book to movie adaptation.

After the movie, we decided to try out a new restaurant, and we ended up choosing Zoe's Kitchen. It is a quick service Greek/Mediterranean cafe. We shared a plate of hummus, and I got the spinach roll-ups. It was so delicious. Hummus has a special place in my heart, because I had never had it before going to Israel in 2008, and I fell in love with it there. It always reminds me of that amazing trip.

The food was so good, that I was worried the restaurant would think I didn't like it, since I left so much of it behind. But that is just one of my post weight-loss surgery hang-ups, that I'm working on.

I ended the weekend by ordering the last little bits of my Princess Belle costume for the half-marathon (I can't wait to get it), watching the exciting Cowboys/Lions game, and watching old episodes of America's Next Top Model. The new seasons are crap, but I loved the classic seasons! Although in college, I called it "Brain Rot," and I stand by that assessment.

This week is a big one for me, as I will be celebrating on my one year surgiversery, and I'm having my last ever appointment with my surgeon/nutritionist! I can't wait to compare the progress I've made.

I'm so ready to conquer this week!

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