Friday, January 16, 2015

A Wisdom (Teeth) Less Age

This morning I had one of the worst food experiences of my entire life. Which says a lot, because I have had numerous, terrible food experiences. I had a sandwich once (I can't even remember what kind) in an Italy airport where  the texture was so mealy & awful, I can still conjure up the taste 10 years later, and it still makes me cringe. I once drank milk over a month expired at my Dad's house, a mistake I can chalk up to having a terrible cold that totally cut off my sense of smell.

But none of these experiences are as bad as this morning, when I ate a bite of watermelon. Yeap, that's right watermelon.  Because on Wednesday morning, I had my wisdom teeth removed. And I forgot that watermelon is very juicy and very acidic. It is not at all HARMLESS. That acid got into those open holes and it burned. For 15 whole minutes I was dying, I may never view watermelon the same way again.

Also after the watermelon incident, Adam said I shouldn't even eat watermelons right now because watermelon has seeds. And what if one of those seeds got into the holes in my gums, and then the gums healed over the seed, and I grew a watermelon in my mouth. 

This was not at all helpful.

Recovering from this surgery has been a lot harder than I would have thought. I have had a lot of pain, in some ways, more pain than I did after my stomach surgery. That was just discomfort, but do you know how much you use your mouth? Yeah, you use it all the time. I have taken way more pain medicine as well.

Eating has been difficult, which you would think that one year post weight loss surgery I would be used to complicated eating. But all of my usual foods were too difficult to chew, and I was starting to get weak from not eating. So out of desperation, I allowed Adam to bring me a Coconut Cream Pie milkshake from Sonic. I won't lie I was sort of excited about this indulgence.  Do you know how long it has been since I had a milkshake? But just as most sweets taste to me now, I really didn't enjoy it that much. And all the sugar just sat on my stomach in a weird way. So now I'm sticking to mainly greek yogurt and a few bites of Adam's shells and cheese to keep me going.

I am also kind of cranky in general. Which is not fair to Adam because he seriously is a great care taker. He picks me up food to eat, waits on me when I need something, and wakes me up from couch naps to make sure I get my antibiotics on time.

But I am just impatient, and I am ready for this to all be over with, I am bored, yet don't feel like doing anything. I actually am craving a run, that always lifts my mood considerably. And I just want to get back to the day in, day out routine where I can eat what I'm used to eating, and I can stop walking around looking like a chipmunk. 

Not that it has been all bad. I have cleared out the DVR, taken 4 hour naps, and watched numerous movies. But come on, that is only fun for a few days!

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