Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

We kicked off our Christmas celebrations by having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. My mother came over about 12:30, with her dog Carlee, and baked a cake as I had put her in charge of dessert. I finished the components of the meal that I hadn't made ahead of time, and the meal was delicious. Chicken, crock pot mashed potatoes, broccoli  & cheese casserole, and crescent rolls. I also got to enjoy my first bit of alcohol post surgery, I so enjoyed that glass of wine (it had almost been a year after all).

After dinner, we opened a few gifts from mom. I gave mom a key to the house. She has been wanting one for awhile, and I have always teased her saying I didn't want her to have one. So I had to surprise her with one, a cupcake one at that. I also gave her a coffee table book about the Rockettes, commemorating our special trip to see the show last weekend. She gave me these lovely Packer pajamas, among other things. After the gift exchange, mom and I watched Saving Mr. Banks, while Adam played one of his new video games.

After my mother left, Adam and I exchanged gifts from each other. I have a soft spot for Christmas time when it is just Adam and me. It reminds me of our early Christmases together in California, when neither one of us could afford to fly home, and all we had was each other. Those Christmases were so precious, and last night felt just as special. 

We had agreed to only do one gift for each other, as well as a few stocking stuffers. My favorite gift I gave to Adam was this little piece to go with his Christmas Village that we got to display in our home for the first time this year. This is his first new addition to the collection in years. This one is called Pennies for the Penny Press.   He loved it. I'm excited to expand his Christmas in the City collection together.

Adam did so well with my gifts. Knowing how much I love scrap booking, and how excited I am to scrap our Disney trip, he snagged me this album to document our trip. It is a replica of Carl and Ellie's adventure book in the movie, Up! How perfect.

He stuffed my stocking with a fun Princess Ariel Lego set, which I built right away, and a cute Stitch figurine for my hobby room. It was a very Disney Christmas at our house.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I watched him play video games. I did not want the night to end, so I decided to doze on the couch until he was ready to go to bed, so we could go to bed at the same time. A rarity, as he stays up much later than I do.

On Christmas day, I woke up earlier than Adam, and I watched a little of the Christmas Story marathon on TV. A true classic. I decided I would make him some homemade waffles before waking up as a surprise. Of course, I'm not the neatest waffle maker, but they tasted good nevertheless. And I think he enjoyed the treat.  Afterwards, we opened gifts from his family, and we called home to thank everyone.

We spent the whole day relaxing. It has been too long since we had a day where we didn't leave the house at all. We played some video games together (Lego Marvel), I took a long nap followed by 30 minute run (felt so good to stretch my legs and get some fresh air), Adam made sloppy joes for dinner (a.k.a Marten family BBQ), I took a heavenly bubble bath, and we watched the Dr. Who Christmas Special (just like last year). And although I have to work tomorrow (which is a slight bummer, since I don't want this Christmas bubble to burst), I feel so content after this month of celebrations.

Christmas 2014 is one for the records books.

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