Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Quick Wisconsin Trip

Last weekend, I flew up to Wisconsin for a couple of days to go to Adam's grandmother's funeral services. The services were beautiful, touching, and sad (you can read about his grandmother here). Despite the sad occasion, we got to squeeze in a lot of family time and a little bit of fun.

When I left Thursday, I had quite the long layover at Chicago's O'hare Airport. I was so excited to find that O'hare had Garret's popcorn. Garret's is a famous popcorn place in Chicago. I had had it on a previous trip to Chicago, and I was happy to indulge in a little caramel cashew popcorn. 

Saturday morning, Adam took me to a local trail to get a run in. I always enjoy running in a new environment, and the weather was crisp and perfect. Afterwards,  we headed over to his cousin's for a little video gaming. We had a great time, especially playing the game Mount Your Friends! The whole point  of the game is literally climbing up over a heap of people, placed their by the other players, and getting to the top before your time runs out. It is simple, but hilarious (and the players are in thongs, so it's borderline obscene). I was surprisingly great at this game!

Sunday morning, we went to a lovely church service with Adam's Aunt Sandy, and then got some one on one time together at a local breakfast joint, the Blue Willow Cafe. It was delicious. 

That afternoon I flew home. Of course, my flight out of Chicago was delayed, and I didn't get in till super late. I almost, almost called in sick the next day because I was so tired, but I got my butt out of bed somehow.

It was a quick trip, but I was so happy I could be there to support my husband.

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