Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Around the House

Just a few house projects we have going on around here:

I have been looking for the perfect lamp to put on the nightstand in our Nautical guest room for a while now, and I finally found this light blue shell lamp at a favorite local store, Bargain Jungle. I love, love, love it. 

We bought a lovely table for our foyer area. I'm using it to store my work out stuff (weights, yoga mats, and yoga block). As well, as all my photo albums. I really like how it looks in there, and it just goes perfectly with my much loved rainy day painting.

I wanted to take on the small project of decorating our downstairs bathroom/laundry room. It is a small room, with an alcove area (with no door for the washer/dryer). Since it is the main bathroom people use when they come over to visit, I wanted it to look nice, and not just be the laundry room.

I had gotten a set of 12 vintage Disneyland attraction art prints off ebay for a really good price a few weeks ago. I spent a good deal of time with all 12 prints spread out on the floor, trying to figure out which 4 would go best together, as they were all various colors (I also knew I had to use the Peter Pan one, as that ride is my favorite)!

I got the prints hung, and Adam and I went to Lowes on Saturday to buy a curtain, so we could close off the laundry room area when guests come over. I picked a light blue curtain, as all the prints have a little blue in them. I'm so pleased with how it turned out! It looks so much prettier in there, and the Disney prints are just so, "me." By the way, it's super hard to get a representative picture of this room, as it's so small. But I hope you can get the idea anyway.

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  1. Those prints are so cool. I love vintage prints! I want to do something like that but train themed for when Piglet is ready for a "big boy" room.


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