Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a rather low key Memorial Day weekend. I kicked off the weekend being sick, so I ended up  missing work on Friday and Today (boo). Our friends Jana and Austin came up from Jackson to spend the second half of the weekend with us. The plan was to do the Cotton Row 10k, but it didn't happen because I couldn't run.

We managed to do a few fun things though. I saw both Avengers 2 and Pitch Perfect 2 (man oh man, did that movie make me laugh). We played lots and lots of video games (Smash Brothers for the win, playing as King DeDeDe is my jam).  I made waffles and brownies for everyone. And we did some trivia on Monday night and had margaritas, I haven't  had a margarita in forever, and I only drank a third of it, & it knocked me on my booty. But I was giggly and fun the whole evening.

I also decided that evening that no bright lights, don't feed them after midnight, and don't get them wet, is not only the rules for caring for gremlins but also the Marten Marriage Manual. 

I'm glad that we are such good friends that even a low key weekend of sitting around the house can be a fun one. Heck, it's no trip to Disney World, but friend time is the best time.

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