Sunday, July 5, 2015

Life with Linky

Link is now seven months old, and he has been living in the Marten Manor for about four months. And we are  kind of completely smitten with the little fellow. He truly is the best,  all rolled into one lovely and lengthy beagle/basset hound mix package.

I've been happy with how fast he has caught onto house training, and his chewing has been kept to a minimum. I don't think we are some house training gurus, it just helps that Adam works from home, and we have a fenced in backyard.  Although a couple of weeks ago, he regressed just a bit and we came home from a movie to find him chewing on our couch.

I know we complain about how much we want new couches all the time, but that wasn't really a helpful solution.He was put in time-out for this offense, yes we put him in time out. It works wonders. 

Link's favorite hobby seems to be finding items in the backyard (sticks, rocks, rotten apples, etc) and dragging them onto the deck. It is a minefield on our deck! He is so proud of these "discoveries." And I know it doesn't look like it in this picture, but that rock he brought up on the porch is HUGE. I don't even know how he fit it in his mouth!  It's more akin to a dinosaur egg than a rock. 

While he is a backyard explorer, he is far from brave. The list of things that scare Link is endless: the crinkling of tinfoil, his own reflection when he growls at himself, my kitchen aid mixer, his "baby" gate, big poodles, and the hair dryer. He has anxiety, just like his mama.

A couple of weeks ago, we had to pet sit my mother's dog, Carlee. She is a lady of advanced age, and she is none too pleased to have to spend time with our youthful Linky. It felt like such a full house when she was here. They were super jealous of each other. I quickly learned if I called out one name, the other one would come running. Feeding time was something akin to an Abbot & Costello routine (as they each wanted the others food).

Link was a little bit of a bratty brother to her. One morning I fed them breakfast, and then gave each of them a small bone, while I went upstairs to get ready. All of a sudden, I heard Link barking rather loudly! I had no clue what was going on so I came running down stairs.

I quickly saw he had finished his bone and was barking in Carlee's face, trying to get her to give away hers! What a turd!

But what can I say? He is our smart, cowardly, and bratty, little pooch. He is our Link, Or you may call him Linky, Stinky Linky, or Linkerdoodle. And life with him is never dull!

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