Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pop-Up Pin Ball

I had such a really bad week. One of the hardest ones in my working careers, there are a lot of factors that lead up to it, both personally and professionally that I won't get into, but for the first time in the history of ever, I had a complete meltdown, and cried in front of my boss. And it was one of the most mortifying moments ever! It culminated in me sitting in a nearby park, crying to Adam, saying "How can I even go back there?" "I'll never go back there." I'm nothing if not dramatic.

I'm sure this has happened to others, but I've never done it, and I'm just worried I came off as an emotional basket case. Although hopefully the fact that I have been completely level headed over my 3 years with the company will give me some credibility.

So to say the least, I was looking forward to the weekend.

Adam and I had heard about a pop-up pinball event in downtown Huntsville. And we truly love some pinball. We always scope them out when we stop by arcades, and we often talk about wanting to one day own a pinball machine. So we were stocked.

There were three machines (ACDC, Spiderman, and Monopoly), and the event organizers kept up with the high scores, to have a little competition. We played all the games several times, and never even came close to placing in the top three. But we didn't care, we were just having a good time.

Adam got to geek out with some local pinball aficionados, and it was so good to see him having such a great time, as he is usually pretty chill about everything we do. Like he will go do anything I want to do and he has a good time, but he is not ever totally enthralled like he was Friday night.

It was hot, hot, hot! So we took a quick break for some Birthday cake gelato from Sam & Gregs. Yum.

We probably played and chatted with everyone for about two and a half hours, before heading out to grab some dinner from Mellow Mushroom. We joked and played around so much in the restaurant. I was so happy to have such a great evening after such an awful week.

The good news is we learned they we be setting up a pinball arcade in Huntsville some time soon, Pints & Pixels, and we just can't wait.

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