Friday, July 24, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 29

I had originally planned to use a new project life kit I recently purchased this week (The Adventure Edition), which I love so much. But so many of these pictures were so summery, that I thought I needed bolder colors, so I went with my strawberry kit instead. I like the choice. 

Week 29 was one hot week, which really influenced the activities this week, and side one really shows this. I wear flip flops and drink sonic unsweet tea nearly every day, so I wanted to show that. I also swam a lot (jumping off the diving board at the aquadome and swimming at the local water park). And we played bingo one day at summer camp instead of taking the kids to the park to beat the heat.

Side two showcases our evening and weekend at the Pop-up Pinball event (and the gelato we shared, yum). I took the graphic advertizement from online and made it extra big, to include in the lay out. I kind of love it because it gives all the details on the event (date, time place). 

First off, I know that I totally used the wrong tense of "dive." And the minute I wrote it, I cringed! But I had already glued down the pictures and used my sticker that came on my sonic drink, so I decided just to roll with it. Even if it tortures me for eons! The Point Mallard logo was cut up from the bracelet they give you at the park, so you can reenter without paying again. I'm trying to use more ephermera (a fancy word for all those little paper items you collect in my layouts).

Materials Used:
Project Life: Strawberry Kit

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