Monday, July 13, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 25-27

Once I hit publish on this post, I will officially be caught up on sharing my album! That thrills me. 

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A big part of week 25 was going to the Insider Access to Inside Out event at the movie theater (read about it here). So most of the page is devoted to the event (except I took a picture of Adam's Shoney Burger because it was so cute with its flag on top, and I added that). The movie theater had given us special lanyards at the event, which ended up fitting perfectly in a pocket! I also included the ticket stub. 

In  the movie, there are people whose job is to choose what you remember and what you "forget."  They are called forgetters. The day after the movie, our next door neighbors came over to ask for a favor, and although we see them out and about all the time, Adam didn't recognize them! He posted this funny status about it, so I wanted to include it in the layout (Plus, it's an ongoing joke in our house that Adam has a horrid memory). 

The weekend was all about photo shoots and pooches. We pet sat for my mother's lab, Carlee, that weekend. So I included many pictures of the dogs together, because it was just so cute! I also put in a QR code that links to a video of the dogs playing together. 

We also had a photo shoot that weekend with a local photographer. I hadn't put on make up in forever, so I felt pretty, and I snapped a selfie. And although we haven't gotten the pictures back yet, I included the sneak peek shot we were given. 

Week 26 was a simple, regular week, and I didn't take a ton of pictures!

It is always hard for me to include pictures in my album representative of my work day because of confidentiality issues. But during summer, we are taking the children on field trips, and I want to document that. So I was able to include a picture from the Big Hero 6 movie day (as it is only the back of their heads). And I included a picture of our young staff that helps us out in the classroom when we were at the skating rink. 

I also included a picture of our dinner at the local Mexican restaurant where we do trivia every Monday, a picture of my new desk in my hobby room (still in the store), and a picture of Linky looking out the window (it's his new hobby). 

Summer is in full swing (as you can see from my instagram picture with the temperature on it). I had a slushie that weekend, and the scrapbook needed a picture of my blue tongue.

I included an image from my two favorite summer shows-Big Brother and Orange is the New Black.  And Adam and I were super stocked about the gay marriage becoming legal in the United States, so I found a picture representing the news story and popped it in my album.

Week 27 was such a fun week. It was a holiday week, so I only had to work 3 and a half days. 

During week 27, I went out for Chinese food and to see Inside Out for the second time with my mother. We did a fun 4th of July crafts in our summer program. I included a shot of Link dragging the hugest rock onto the deck. I also took a picture of the corn field I often run by.

The left side was devoted entirely to the breakfast food truck meet up (read about it here). I included the weather (using the instaweather app) because the rain was such a big part of the event! You can't see it, but I glued a phrase on my coffee picture that says, "It's coffee o'clock." I also love the washi tape that says "hello, hi."  

Materials Used:
Project Life: Honey, Kraft, and Strawberry Edition
Studio Calico Bits and Bobs from the Cirque Kit

P.S-I've been practicing photographing my layouts differently this week, I think this is better than my previous set up! 

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