Monday, July 14, 2014

6 Month Surgiversary

For my 6 month anniversary, I wanted to post this picture of what I looked like a mere 3 weeks prior to my surgery.  The difference is astonishing. Sometimes I forget how far I've come. Although I never forget how bad it felt to be that size. How disgusting I felt, how out of control I felt. There is being fat and there is living life like a train that has jumped the tracks,  and I was that runaway train.

Sometimes I get impatient to lose more weight, as things have started to slow down. I'm no longer shedding 5+ pounds a week (I'm losing about 2 pounds a week. Which I know is to be expected and it is totally WONDERFUL and AMAZING that I'm still losing consistently). But there is something so fabulous about losing weight so fast, that once it slows down a bit, you miss it. I have never been a patient person, and I just want a crystal ball so I know where I'm going to be 6 months from now.

I forget to live in the now and enjoy the progress I've already made. So I'm working on just focusing on the daily wins and the non-scale victories.  Like the other day, when I ran in to someone I hadn't seen since last fall, and they asked, "Where is the rest of you?" Or when my client's parents ask what I've been doing, how I've been losing weight. Or the people who tell me I inspire them when I'm out for a run. Or the mere fact I can ran 4 miles, and how I am excitedly looking forward to my first half marathon.

It is about my surgeon and nutritionist telling me they are proud of me. It is about being able to plan activities like zipling and parasailing, which I could not do before because of my weight. And when I lose 15 more pounds, I can cross skydiving off my bucketlist. Yes, skydiving. 

I am happy where I am now.  I am happy to be active. I don't worry too much about going out in public in my swimsuit. I'm no longer fearful of the Doctor's office or stepping on the scale. And that means more than anything.

Happy 6 months to me! I can't wait to see where I will be 6 months from now. 


  1. Brittany, you look WONDERFUL! :) I am so proud of you. You inspire me to do better. I just ran 3 miles (okay, ran and walk) and I about died! And you're about to do a half marathon? Holy moly! You are awesome.Sky diving? That sounds like so much fun! That is on my bucket list too! You are doing so good and looking incredible!

    <3 Ash

  2. WOW! You are so amazing and I am so proud of you! Can't wait to see you at the reunion in a couple of weeks!

  3. That is UNREAL. I can't get over how much you've lost. Congratulations Brittany, really well done!

    Sophie x

  4. You look SO fab!! I'm very excited for you. I am not a patient person AT ALL so I understand how you feel, but focus on all the fun you'll have moving into your new home and the time will fly by/weight will fly off I'm sure. :)

  5. I usually just lurk, but I wanted to say that your attitude is inspiring. You are beautiful inside and out. Keep it up. You're doing great!

  6. You look amazing. You hard work and perseverance has certainly paid off. You have been such a great inspiration to me over these past six months as I struggle with my own weight loss journey and health concerns. Keep up the great work !


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