Friday, July 25, 2014

Throwback: November 2010-January 2011

I didn't start posting regularly on this blog until 2011, so my posts from 2010 are pretty sporadic. But these cover the holiday season of late 2010 and some of early 2011!

This was the first Thanksgiving meal I ever prepared. I'm still impressed that I pulled that off, with only a few hiccups (and  a few tears). That kitchen was so small! I literally had only one small counter to work on, but somehow I was able to pull off pretty decent meals in our little duplex! I can't wait to see what I pull off in the new house! 

Christmas 2010 was our first and only Christmas that we did not see one of our families over the holidays. It was nice because we were really able to join both of the traditions we had growing up, while also making our own. I thought it was so fun that we both got each other slippers, and my mother gave me a kitchen aid mixer (which I promptly made this cake with to christen my lovely new machine). And isn't Sarah the cutest? I miss that little furbaby so much still. 

This was the first post where I shared a little bit about our love of the Green Bay Packers. I'm pretty sure this post was done on the same day we learned we were going to the Super Bowl! So I just had to do a post and share all the superstitions Adam participates in to keep our team wining! And yes, he still does all these things and has added new ones to the list! Maybe this year, I'll have to do an updated post with his new superstitions. 

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