Monday, July 7, 2014

Around the House

I love, love, love these jewelry dishes I got from Anthropology. I may have mentioned this before but I really have an appreciation for the city of San Francisco (you can read about one of my trips to San Fran here). It is probably my favorite city in America. So I had my eye on this Golden Gate bridge jewelry dish for quite some time. I waited until I got my May birthday coupon to purchase it along with the umbrella dish.  It brightens up my little closet jewelry nook.

I really hate clutter and I am more apt to throw things out when I get overwhelmed with having too much stuff than I am to hang on to sentimental items. But I love sentimental stuff, I just need a place for it. So I wanted to figure out something to do with my race medals I've collected, so I could stop storing them in a box in my night stand. I found this cute medal display rack from the website gone for a run and I hung it in our bedroom. Totally lovin' it. 

I have been collecting snow globes for many many years now (usually from traveling). Growing up, I had a few Disney snow globes that I adored. I've slowly started expanding my collection by buying new ones on ebay. They just make me happy, and Disney is such a nostalgic thing for me. I'm positive they will look great in my new office.

One of my best friends, Anna, gifted me these succulents last time she came to visit. She said she wanted to give me a plant for our future home. This is my first plant ever! It is hard to believe I've never had a plant and I'm nearly 30. I love this plant, but I'm so terrified I will kill it. That would make me sad. But it seems to be thriving and growing so far. Let's see if I can keep it alive till closing!


  1. What a cute jewelry dish! I need one of those in my kitchen for when I'm baking and take my ring off. Love it! Next time you visit SF we need to meet up. We're only an hour from there! It is a fun city to visit, just not to drive in!!

  2. PS I had the Beauty and Beast and Aladdin snowglobes, and I gave them away to an Exe's little niece. I'm glad she liked them, but I totally regret it if I ever have a daughter. Sigh.


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