Saturday, July 19, 2014

Belle Chevre Creamery

Saturday, Adam and I toured the Belle Chevre Creamery in Elkmont, Alabama. Belle Chevre (meaning Beautiful Goat) is a place where they make the most tasty, goat cheese. I was really excited for this outing because cheese is a big part of my diet now, so I knew I could enjoy myself!

We started the the day with a self-guided tour of the factory, which even included a little bit of a scavenger hunt. We learned all about how they make the spreadable cheese and even got to observe them making some cheeses. 

Next, we went outside to play with the goats! They were sooo incredibly friendly. The one whom I'm pictured with kept following me around, begging to be petted, and trying to eat my shirt. They even had some adorable baby goats. My friend Anna commented on this photo on facebook, saying we needed a goat for our new house. I think she may be right! But I doubt Adam would go for it!

Before we left the creamery, we did a cheese tasting. We tried all the varieties (original, honey, cinnamon, fig, coffee, and pimento). I think my favorite one was the pimento! I did not like the coffee, but I haven't had coffee since my surgery, so I think I've lost the taste for it. 

We are trying to conserve money, since we are closing on the house on Monday, so I only bought two types to take home. Original and Cinnamon (to put on apples).  But luckily, I live pretty close to Belle Chevre, so I can buy more pretty soon.

Work has been wearing me out, so we haven't gone out and done too much this summer. But it felt really good to get out for a bit and have some weekend fun. 

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  1. I love cheese!!!! I'd love to go on a cheese tasting tour, though I'm afraid I would want to have bigger tasting portions :) I must have missed a post but did you find a new place?? ~bls


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