Sunday, July 13, 2014

I've Got Some New Shoes On

Y'all, I'm feeling so much better than I did when I wrote that totally whiny post a few days ago. And it all has to do with a new pair of shoes. Yes, in the words of singer Paolo Nutini, I've got some new shoes on and everything is going to be fine!

Friday, I headed over to Fleet Feet to get a new pair of running shoes. I've been interested in their custom fitting process for a while, but I have been avoiding it because good running shoes are pricey. But due to the pain I've been having and the worn out state of my shoes, I knew it was time.

The first thing my consultant did was measure my feet. I've never known my true shoe size as it varies so much. My feet are more wide than they are long (flintstone feet), which always leads me into buying shoes that are too big for me.  So it was nice to learn my actual size.

Next, she had me run on a treadmill. I learned that I run as I should on my right foot but over pronate (inward roll of the foot) on my left foot. And my left leg is the one causing me all the pain (although it is possible that I'm overpronating because of my leg pain but I feel it is vice versa).

I got fitted for a really nice pair of shoes with a lot of cushioning and support, which hopefully will help correct my running technique. If not, she also suggested some orthopedic inserts for even more support. I also got some nice moisture wicking socks, oh la la.
I did a half mile run on the treadmill to test them out, and it gave me no extra pain! So tomorrow I will do a mile or two and continue to up my mileage until I'm back to four miles (as long as I'm not in added pain). I'm hopeful the shoes will be the solution I need to get back to training. 
Which is good, since Disney Princess sign ups are two days away!!

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