Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Week that Was-#100 Happy Days

Ok, I've decided to give this 100 happy days  meme that has been going around instagram for months now a try. I want to do it as a way to document some small things I'm grateful for everyday. I am terminally bad about completing these photo a day challenges. Typically, I will be sitting on the couch about to go to bed, only to realize I didn't take a picture, and then be too tired to complete the task. But I am going to give it my best shot, so here is the week that was July 20th, 2014 through July 26th, 2014.

Day 1-Adam and I went for a pitch black trail walk. It was super dark and creepy at times, I kept feeling like we might end up on a Dateline special (I watch entirely too much true crime in general). Once I was convinced two eyes were staring at me, glowing, ready to devour me. But it turned out to be two conveniently placed lightening bugs. Disaster averted. After our walk, we went to sonic so we could get some slushies!

Day 2-Of course, I already blogged about closing on our house here. But this was truly the best part of that epic day. Sitting outside our front house, owning the keys, with our sold sign on our lap. Such an epic moment.

Day 3-I've added a little yoga into my workout routine. I started with an easy 20 minute video for complete beginners. I'm completely lovin' it. I find it so relaxing and the deep stretching feels so good. I could see myself really getting into yoga.

Day 4-Now that summer camp is over, I have to stop wearing shorts and t-shirts to work. But none of my old work wardrobe fits, so I went clothes shopping on my lunch break, and I picked up a few key pieces. Clothes shopping is a lot more fun now that I'm smaller. I still don't enjoy spending money on clothes though, I'd much rather spend money on home decor.

Day 5-We took our summer camp to Chuck E' Cheese. I'm rather a big fan of Chuck E' Cheese day. The kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, and I was even able to play a few games too! But is Chucky not a little bit creepy?

Day 6-Our last day of Summer Camp this year was Friday. All of our helpers and all our children were crying, even our "tough" kids. I think the kids had a really fun summer this year, although that is not the point of a "therapy" camp. Earlier in the week, the children were asked to write a little bit about what they learned from camp. This response warmed my heart because this is what camp is truly all about.

Day 7- We spent 5 hours taping off our guest room and painting our guest room. We took it from a BRIGHT, shiny blue to a more matte, darker blue. It turned out really well, and I will share more about that later in the week. 

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  1. Love that you're doing the 100 Happy Days Photo Challenge! I adore all your pictures. Love the dress that you tried on - you look beautiful in it! So excited that you got a new house!! It is so much fun to be new home owners! Also, I think Chucky is a little creepy. I went to my friends child's birthday party and we were just talking and all of a sudden I felt like someone behind me, and it was Chucky just inches away from my neck waving to the baby in my arms. It creeped me out a little.
    <3 Ash

  2. I've always hated spending money on clothes too, but I love new outfits. I wish someone would just give me all their hand me downs, the way they do for Piglet. ;-) Love the new dress! I'd also much rather spend all our money on home decor. I adore the picture of you two with your sold sign! That's a monumental picture that you will look back on decades later. I wish we had one like that!


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