Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just a Little Black Rain Cloud

This isn't really my typical post about what I've been up to, more of just a general update on life and how I'm doing. I'm hoping getting this down and sending it out into the great, wide blogosphere will help me get it out of  my system soon.

I just feel so blah and so uninspired this week.

The main part of the equation is my leg. No it is not really hurting much, but it is there. I'm having to rest which I hate! Running gives me such a sense of accomplishment and makes me happy. So instead of running, I'm  just coming home, sitting on the couch, doing nothing, and feeling like a blob. Not to mention how much I'm worrying about getting past this injury. In my head, I blow it so out of proportion. I start thinking that this will sideline me for months.

I have moments of feeling sorry for myself. And I get it, it is not that big of a deal, and it probably is just a blip on the radar.  But I can't stop the worry. 

I also think this whole leg injury is putting me in such a negative head space because it is making me feel like I did last summer. I was constantly in pain last summer, and I could not do anything. I was always extremely tired. I was nearly 400 pounds, so out of shape, and incredibly inactive. 

So now I feel a little like that inactive, tired, morbidly obese girl I was, instead of looking at all the progress I've made these last 6 months. I just gotta get out of my own head.

Right now, I'm just looking toward getting some rest this weekend. I'm hopeful next week will be better. Before I know it, I will be relaxing on a beach.

I just can't wait.

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