Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Nautical Guest Room

I am so excited to post a few picture of our guest room in our new home! I have to say I really love how the room turned out, as I have wanted to do a a nautical themed room for quite a while. I will say however I learned that it is hard to photograph a bedroom! I couldn't get the light in the room to work for me, and I just wish I could do a 360 of the entire room instead. That being said, I think the pictures give a nice taste of the room.

The first thing we did with our guest room was paint it Roadster Blue (the color is somewhat brighter than it is in the pictures). I am pleased with the color, and I think it is perfect for the nautical feel. I was also super proud of us because the paint job turned out awesome! 

I had bought the two prints (We Have This Hope as an Anchor for our Soul & Not All Who Wander are Lost) from Etsy a while back.  One of my favorite pieces in the room is this Old World Vintage Map Canvas from Wayfair.  In the corner, I hung a boat painting that I created a few months ago. I decided to display some of my travel guides on the dresser, along with some of the snow globes I've collected over the years. I also picked up that little vase and fake flowers from hobby lobby.

While decorating the guest room, I learned the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover. When I ordered this old world style duvet cover, I was shocked when what seemed like a thin sheet arrived in the mail. I soon learned that a duvet cover is what you can put your comforter in! I love this cover. It is so beautiful.  

I got the idea to blow up a vintage map and crop it into 6 different prints from this blog. I chose to do a map of Amsterdam because that is the first overseas trip that we took together. That city is so special to us. The other canvas is a photograph that I took on that same trip. On the nightstand, there are some model ships that Adam had bought on Catalina Island, and I got the lighthouse at Hobby Lobby.

The massive painting by the closet is a family heirloom that my Great, Great Aunt had in her home. It is nice that it now belongs to us, and that we have a lovely place to display it. I also really liked this Welcome Friends sign with the lighthouse from hobby lobby.  I added some small touches like this pin-up girl light switch cover and light house fan pull. I also love the cheesiness that is the lighthouse hanging off the cord for the LIGHT, not the fan. Get it? 

We are so happy to have a designated room for guests now. We have never had that before. A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law got to be the first person to stay in the room! I just can't wait to host even more loved ones so we can show off our little room.

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