Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Week That Was-#100 Happy Days

Another week, another 100 happy days post complete! I am pretty sure I'm going to pull this baby off! So here is the week that was September 7th-September 13th:

Day 50-I worked on some recent Project Life pages. Man, I'm loving my new scrapbookin' medium!

Day 51-It is funny because when I posted this picture of me driving home, I posted the comment, "It has been a long, bad day, so I'm celebrating heading home." I don't even remember what was bad about it, must not have been that big of a deal?

Day 52-I got my run done on my lunch break. Even though I get a little sweaty, I love when I'm done working out before the work day is over. So when I'm home, I can just relax.

Day 53-I almost ALWAYS bring my lunch to work nowadays. It is easier, and it is safer for me nutrition wise. But I decided to treat myself to some broccoli and cheese soup Wednesday from Panera. Yum.

Day 54-I pulled out my WDW Countdown app to see how far away we were from Disney! I got so excited, and then freaked out because I have to run a half marathon by this date!

Day 55-I rocked out my college pride with this t-shirt on Friday! I love my alma mater, Mississippi University for Women, so very much. 

Day 56-Adam bought a whole bunch of Atari games (yes, we have an atari)! He was in video game heaven, it was cute to see.

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