Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Week that Was-#100 Happy Days

I have had a rough few days. I've been very sick and not the type of sick I really feel comfortable with sharing on the blog. It is all very mortifying and personal. But I'll just say this week has involved no sleep, two sick days, and an early morning trip to the E.R. But even with all that, Adam and I can find ways to laugh about it all. As I was sitting in this hospital, Adam was all like, "how are you going to scrapbook this one?" And I said, "somethings just aren't scrapbook worthy." Unless maybe I used these Project Life Cards:

But I tried to find the happy things anyway, so here is the week that was September 14th-September 20th:

Day 57-After my race on Saturday morning, I got to add my new race bib to my bibfolio that I got a few months ago from gone for a run! Always a proud moment.

Day 58-Now that I have lost weight, I am always cold. Monday morning at the office, I felt like I was going to get frostbite. Of course, my space heater is broken. So I temporarily borrowed one from a coworker while she was out of the office. That borrowed heat felt so wonderful!

Day 59-I couldn't sleep Monday night/Tuesday morning, and I woke up super early for no reason at all! So I decided to knock my run out for the day. I actually really enjoyed running the neighborhood at that time. It was so quiet and peaceful with the moon and stars overhead.

Day 60-Yes, I am obsessed with yet another Disney podcast. I can't help it, it is a sickness. But I'm truly loving Inside the Magic right now. 

Day 61-Book club night! I almost didn't make it because I wasn't feeling well, but it wasn't that bad at the time, so I went. I always love meeting up to talk about a book I recently read. 

Day 62-Oh yes, the morning of the ER visit.  I really had to think hard about what I was happy about that day. I decided I was happy because I got to watch a Below Deck marathon on T.V., I was wearing my leopard slipper boots, and my husband works at home, so he could take really great care of me.

Day 63-I took a bath in our whirlpool tub. I also had bought some bubble bath, and the bubbles went crazy when I turned on the jets. They kept growing and growing, and I had to do the bath without the jets due to the total bubble take over. I enjoyed the bath in my ocean of bubbles though!

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