Monday, August 10, 2015

Painting My Hobby Room

Last weekend, Adam and I went to Lowes to buy paint to finally get rid of the obnoxiously bright purple color in my hobby room, that we inherited when we bought the house.The paint color I picked was called beehive yellow, as yellow is my favorite color. We had the intention to paint this Saturday morning.

On Friday, I finished up my work week in the afternoon, and I actually ended up going out to a dinner and a movie with my mom. So I got home fairly late, and I was pretty tired. But Adam got a wild hair, and he decided we should just paint that night instead. I thought he was crazy, it was already 10:30! I protested. He said he could do it all by himself, but that would make me feel guilty and lazy. So paint we did. He won that round! And I kind of temporarily, totally hated for him for it. Because I was tired, and I'm not nice when I'm tired.

Adam had already moved out all the furniture by the time I got home, and he was finishing up with the painter's tape. He kept putting it on his head, which amused me because it looked like a fez. When I told him that, all he could say was, "Fez's are cool." Linky and I got to work helping Adam by taking late night selfies. Although Linky didn't stick around long, because as soon as we got loud with the plastic drop cloths, he got scared, and went downstairs to sleep. He is scared of loud noises. And plastic. And kitchen aid mixers/dishwashers/and dryers. And don't forget big, affectionate poodles.

It is definitely tough to paint when you are uber tired, but we managed to get that first coat done with plans to do the second one in the morning. I felt somewhat high and somewhat sick, when we headed off to bed. I woke up early the next morning, and I started the second coat while Adam slept.

We ended up running out of paint and needing to buy more to finish up. This was crazy because we had painted our guest room, which is much bigger, with the same amount of paint and they very same brand, and we had a ton left over. But that bright, bright purple was sooo difficult to cover. But we managed to finish up, and I love the results.

I have to say I'm glad that we won't be painting again for quite a long time! And I think if it's a room much bigger than this one, we will hire someone. I can't wait to start the decorating process now that it is painted, I'm going for a white, grey, and yellow theme. It will be the perfect space for me.

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