Friday, August 28, 2015

Notes from the Week

We got first place in trivia Monday night, which was super fun, because it is super rare. My mother, Adam, and I go nearly every Monday night. It is steep competition, there are often times 15+ teams there, and some have 8+ people in them. It makes it hard to hold your own when you are just a lowly team of three. But we do frequently do well, and we often place in the top 3. This is the third time in three years, we've gotten first place, which is something to celebrate! 

Tuesday was a big election in our little town. The vote was on whether or not to raise property taxes to improve our local city schools. The polls closed at 7, and I get off work at 6. So I was killing myself to commute home from work and pick up Adam so we could vote. Voting is super important to me, so I was super anxious we wouldn't make it! I even got stuck, by not 1 but 2 trains.

When I finally got Adam, I told him not to tell the polling people we had recently moved, because we hadn't updated our address, and I figured it would be a problem! But God Bless Adam, he is a better person than me, and he did tell them we moved! I was already keyed up due to the anxiety of getting there, and for a moment, I was super irate at him. They ALMOST didn't let us vote, but they were nice, and let us anyway. We were the very last people to vote.

Unfortunately, we voted yes to support our city schools, but most of the city voted no. So we lost. On ward and upwards I suppose. 

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new dress I loved. I probably just loved it because it was yellow, that is my favorite color. I wore it to work on Wednesday, and I got through the morning with no problems. And then on lunch, I went to wal-greens to pick up a few things, when I felt a little draft on my backside. I never heard a rip or anything, but apparently the slit in the back on my dress had torn open. My butt was hanging out, and  I was mortified! I spent the rest of the time in the store, holding my dress together and running toward the car. I had to barrel home, so I could change, and this made me 10 minutes late getting back from my lunch break. I can only hope my butt wasn't hanging out all morning long, as I walked in front of people quite frequently!  At least my boss thought the story was funny, when I texted her why I was running late! 

Wednesday was National Dog Day, and this is the picture I shared of my little stinker, on his walk at a nearby trail. I just had to take a moment and honor this sweet, sweet boy, who has added so much love and energy to our household. We love him more and more everyday. It's stupid crazy how much we obsess over this little dude. But we won't apologize for that!

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