Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Weekend Report

Woah, this work week was a long one. We are converting all our client's diagnosis from the DSM IV over to the new DSM-V (which is just therapist jargon). But it means I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork, and I definitely needed the weekend to recover. 

I kicked off the weekend by going shopping with my mother at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. I didn't purchase much, but I got so many ideas. We then went over to Chee Burger, Chee Burger to grab some dinner, before heading next door to Spirited Art for some painting.

I'd been wanting to do the Funky Steeple painting for a long time!  And it finally fell on a night I could attend. It was a small class, which was nice, and we all bonded really quickly. We got to use some new techniques, I have never used before. At first, I didn't like my painting, but now I love it! 

Saturday, I stayed in and crafted. Adam ran  many different errands, and he stopped by his favorite place, The Flea Market. He ended up buying a virtual boy? It's some kind of video game thing, but I think it is just the robot from Short Circuit. I only mention this because Link was so terrified of that thing, and it was hilarious to watch. But we did put it up when he started to cry, we didn't want to torture him. 

Sunday was just a lazy day. We did chores and laundry. I went for a  hot morning run, and I even took the dog out for a late night walk. Now I'm unwinding and watching some Big Brother. So loving this season.

I think I'm ready to jump into the work week, but I could use another day.

But couldn't I always?

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