Sunday, August 2, 2015

Road Shark Run Virtual 5 Miler Race Report

Running this summer has been hard, I've actually never trained in the summer before, and truly the heat and humidity is a whole different ball game. My training has been lackluster.  It's not just the heat, but also the exhaustion I experience during the summer program @ work and some health problems I've had. I have been training for certain, but my mileage is not quite where I want it to be. But I've made a plan, and I should have no problem getting through my half marathon next month, as long as I stick to it! 

The way I've been beating the heat is by getting up obnoxiously early to run. It is still pitch dark out, when I roll out of bed. Which I HATE, but once I get going, I rather enjoy it. It is quiet and somewhat cool out. There are few cars or distractions. Just me, the road, and my music. Plus,  I get to knock out my most daunting task of the day by 6 o'clock. 

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a virtual 5 miler known as the Road Shark Run. I figure it would be a fun way to earn a medal and make sure I got 5 miles done on the day I needed to. The event was actually supposed to take place this weekend, but I did it Tuesday morning, as that is when I had 5 miles on the schedule (I had 7 miles this weekend). 

I even wore my race bib, although I felt a little silly!

I felt a little nervous about the run because I hadn't done over 3-4 miles in a while, so I thought I would have to push myself. But I felt pretty good through out the run, my times were better than they had been on my last few runs, and I felt like if I had a longer run on the schedule, I could have completed it.  This run gave me a lot of confidence about future training. 

I finished in a little over an hour. 

This was the view I had just as I finished the run, and the sun began to rise. Fog in the Tennessee Valley over the cornfields. The photo doesn't do it justice. What a beautiful sight it was, and it was such a beautiful start to the morning.

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