Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Weekend Report

This has been such a lazy weekend. I haven't left the house since Friday. We got a little bit of a Winter Storm here Friday afternoon and evening. It melted by noon the next day, but it was pretty while it lasted. And when we let Link out while it was snowing, he totally spazzed out. He loved it! 

We made homemade pizza Friday night and watched some of our current favorite shows on netflix.  And I started a monster craft room organization project, which lasted all weekend. I have all kinds of geeky excitement about getting my hobby room organized. Recently, I bought a pocket card storage unit, and it will come in this week.

But that means I had to organize all my pocket cards. I broke down all my studio calico kits, and sorted cards by color or event/holiday. It took me something like two hours, but it was worth it. It is going to make my scrappin' process easier (I hope).

I also organized my embellishments by type and put them into seperate containers. And I managed to throw out a whole trash bag full of stuff I wasn't going to use. I love decluttering, it gives me a weird high. 

I ended the weekend going for a 6 mile run. 6 miles feels easy peasy compared to a full marathon! An hour and a half compared to 6 plus hours? I'll take it.

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