Saturday, January 16, 2016

WDW Roomie Trip 2016 Recap: Part One

I'm fresh back from my trip down to the world, and I'm in a bit of a Post-Disney world Depression. Why can't I be in WDW every day? But planning my next trip is getting me through this difficult time (it won't be until next year, as my friend Jana and I have decided to make it an annual thing)! I am calling this  "the roomie trip," as Jana was my college roommate, and we have always called each other that.

It was a successful trip in many ways. Spoiler Alert: I finished a Marathon (it was AWESOME & AWFUL), but more on that later! I promise not to recap every detail of this trip, since it is my 3rd trip. I'm just going to hit the highlights/new experiences. But really I can do what I want, it is my blog after all.

For this trip, we stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort. This resort has different sections based on different decades. We were pumped to stay in the 80's section, as we are 80's babies after all. We officially stayed in the Pac-Man building. It was cheesetastic and totally awesome!

Due to me having to run a marathon in the morning, we took it easy that day. But I had booked us a very early dinner reservation at 1900 Park Faire for the Happily Ever After Dinner. This is a buffet dinner with many of characters from Cinderella. We were super excited about this. Knowing that we were going to meet the stepsisters, I bought us these, "And we'll never be royals shirts," with their pictures on it. 

The first characters we met were the Prince and Princess! The Prince was certainly charming. He told us about how he had paid for the stepsisters to get their hair done that evening, so they would hopefully be in a good mood. Cinderella told us that the mice did her stepmother's hair (a claim Lady Tremaine would later deny).

The evil stepmother was the hit of the night! She was absolutely hilarious. When she saw our shirts, she called across the room to Cinderella, telling her she had found two new maids in us (she said she didn't want to work anymore). She later told us, she never wished anybody well. 

The stepsisters had mixed reactions to our shirts. Anastasia only noted how beautiful she was on the shirt. Drizella was pretty annoyed that we even wore them, she felt that her not being royalty was solely Cinderella's fault.

Every so often, music would start to play and the characters would dance. Cinderella and Prince Charming waltzed beautifully. The stepsisters hopped around wildly, and Drizella constantly had her butt in the air!

 By the way, the food at Park Faire we pretty darn good! 

We headed back to the hotel after dinner. I got my running stuff together and was in bed by 9. That may seem early, but I had a 2:30 am wake up call in the morning for the race to look forward to.

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